What is AFREEI?

Afreei is an integrated multi-sectoral economic system for economic growth and development of African regions, starting from Nigeria.

It is an economic developmental research based Non- governmental Organization, focused on eliminating abundant-resources waste in Africa for production of goods and services.

It identifies abundant-resources with their location and builds value on them by creating economic workable and replicable business models on them to take role in economic growth and development of their host regions through study, resulting to the elimination of abundant-resources waste per region.

Afreei is dedicated to value the building of existing geographic resources (human, land and water) through studies, researches and exploration for best usage and distribution.

Afreei also takes on itself the support and restoration of geographic study among Africans for the understanding and respect of the African resources, and support to rural education development which is a key factor to the sustainability of rural growth.

[ C.S.R ]

Afreei’s Corporate Responsibility

CR is part of everything we do, from developing innovative high multiplier effect models that invest and bring investments into education systems, creating a better standard of living for rural dwellers, productive rural-urban relationship, citizen and community empowerment, the wellbeing of humanity and the environment, and boost tourism. This section is an overview of Afreei business, policies, engagements and performance.


Afreei Culture: Our Strategy

The purpose of Afreei business is to bring the value of existing land and water resources to use in full potential, using the readily available human capital of African science and technology education system integrated into our models. Also, to create an intra and interregional exchange of these resources between the locations of abundance and that of need within the African communities. To have a large scope of operation in Africa we keep replicating our system in different locations across Africa

Our stakeholders are to produce more utility using the indigenous resources for the demanding population and create more workspace to employ more of Africa’s increasing workforce. Since the best investment ever is the capitals invested in humans, we are equally committed to deploying the potentials of physically or mentally workable population across the ages of 15-65, creating a large scale of employment, enterprises and production of goods and services.

Our business is naturally diverse; Employing people from a wide range of backgrounds, not only gives us a better understanding of our customers and geographic culture, but it also means we have a large pool of talent from which to recruit for us and our counterparts in the development of African economy.

We expect our workforce, whatever their role, culture or background is, to contribute to our success and meet the challenges of the day as a united collective goal of meeting Africa’s economic welfare.

To do this, we’ve created a culture in all our models to encourage our people (the labour force: undergraduates and graduate youths, experienced and mentoring senior citizens; workspace facilitators and supervisors that cut across literates and illiterates) to realize their personal and professional potential by setting ambitious individual goals.

The Afreei models are structured to create a stimulating working environment to nurture talent and creativity, allowing the workforce the convenience to stretch their skills in developing themselves and their communities in Africa.


Afreei Vision

Eliminating Africa’s abundant resources wastage.


Afreei Mission

Our mission is to accelerate the rate of innovation in value building of existing human and environmental resources, implementing the innovations for industrialization to support the vision of eliminating wastage of Africa’s abundant resources.


Afreei models

Our models called “seeds” are structured with peculiarities to help tag and address geographic issues or maximizing opportunities for developments in communities.

Our models identify abundant resources and their location, build resources’ value, distribute and exchange of resources between boundaries using geographic information intelligence in our roadmaps of implementation, network human efforts and values to the point of production, introduces products with identity of community product, promotion of community unity through community united efforts and mass publication of the activities.


The Entity Afreei

Afreei is a system structured to depend on its host (the supra-system); the geographic region it operates. It takes its requirements for survival and function ability from the content in the body of the host region, then grows and replicates itself for more occupancy and increase of dominance on its host rapidly, thus influencing its host’s functions in the manner of a virus.

Afreei is envisioned to become one of the fastest-growing African organizations with unlimited capacity to affect the livelihood of Africans positively.

Afreei workforce is structured to be focused, holding high collaborative culture, taking practical exposures as training, networking and exercising their abilities in actualising Afreei’s ambition.
Afreei workforce
Afreei ventures are the capital arm of Afreei. We invest through the synergy of cash and intelligence: in the tertiary institution for innovations, rural education being key to rural growth sustainability, rural agriculture, manufacturing, farming, media and business organizations with capacity for production using environmental resources in Africa. We are on-course of being one of Africa’s most active investor in education and grassroots’ agriculture.
Afreei Ventures
We channel our models towards addressing some of Africa’s most critical issues, such as unemployment, underpowered rural system, un-maximised agricultural production, health challenges, poverty, minimised food distribution and circulation for the fast-growing and demanding Africa’s population. Afreei’s workforce commitments and abilities are majored to impact the environmental well-being and sustainable livelihood for communities, in an integrated manner and replicating the models across African communities.
Afreei ambition

Careers in Afreei

Afreei gives room for a broad range of career opportunities for talented and motivated amateurs and professionals from a wide range of discipline as our models are keen in funnelling graduates from either formal or non-formal education through our employee recruitment strategies embedded in our models to channel wholesome young African minds into our corporate operations.

Innovation plays a key role in the fuelling of our organization performance as we seek new ways in meeting challenges for better production from rural agriculture, production of medicinal foods in fast-moving consumable models, distribution of productions from abundant environmental resources across various locations and liveability of communities.

We are ambitious but realistic. The success of our business depends above all the people; the human resources who work and mould us, the community citizens whom we work for, and the Supreme God. Nurturing talents and creativity is the heartbeat of our culture.


How we work

Afreei operations delivery portals
  • Consultancy: Afreei can be consulted for researches and recommendations for pressing issues or developments by communities or other organizations
  • Engage: research, research development and research implementations by Afreei itself [creating seeds, growing seeds and stewarding seeds till harvest and re-grown]
  • Supports: supporting the development of alien models in Africa for African economic growth and development.
Afreei area of exploration and investment
  • Afreei exploration and investment strategies focus basically on three major resources:
  • Human resources:  formal and non-formal education systems, rural dwellers who make up the primary industries for agricultural produce and the urban dwellers who are the major consumers and processors.
  • Land resources: Agricultural and forest produce from surrounding rural areas of urban centres
  • Water resources: waters plants, creatures, and coastal habitation
Types of production Afreei explore
  • Primary Production- This production section of Afreei focuses on tagging, collection and value building of quality and abundant resources from industries such as agriculture, aquaculture, education and other industries of natural abundant. We also go into the business of producing these resources ourselves to sustain continuous production for industrial purpose and support for the natural abundance to maintain the health of naturally producing environment and staying in demand and supply market.

    Secondary Production- We focus on manufacturing, using the tagged abundant resources by re-modifying them to commercial and easily distributable modes with the aid researches.
  • Tertiary Production- Afreei tertiary Production section focus on distribution and networking of the developed value products either as raw or refined, human resources or environmental resources through points of abundance and points of need using the location technology(GIS), and the boost of tourism of the focused communities
Afreei Exploration approach
  • Enlightenment about existing valued resources and investment in education systems for resources improvement [educating on raw resources or developed resources]

    Production using the valued resources for citizens’ consumption or to trade with [empowerment of African community inhabitants on the utilization of improved resources for livelihood]

    Reproduction for trade [mass production of products or services, emanated from research results and initiating them at different locations]. Viable results are put forth as investment opportunities to investors and traders to earn continuous production for communities and economic growth and development through various industries.

    In a few years, we see Afreei evolving from an initiative to institutions and industries, while African countries step into the forefront among economy giants.

    We are ambitious but realistic as we move procedural, precepts upon precepts and huge step by huge step

Categories of industries Afreei can explore
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Primary Industry
  • Service industry
  • Extractive industry
Industries Afreei can explore
  • Education and Research
  • Mass Media
  • Agribusiness (Innovated farm tools, hybrid seeds and animals, and Agrochemicals)
  • Organic Cosmetics (Skincare)
  • Food (FMCGs; Medicinal spice, Beverage and Food Manufacturing)
  • Farming (Agricultural production and basic processing)
  • Tech. and Machinery (Machines; processing, packaging etc.)
  • Wooden Aesthetics (kitchen wares and decorations)
  • Leisure and Tourism
  • Community developer
  • Packaging, Transportation and Distribution
Characteristics of our consumable products
  • Affordability- high value with a low price tag
  • Quality- seed development undergo fine researches by specialists for best content and output
  • Medicinal- combat some health issues, especially degenerative diseases
  • Nutritious- provides health supplements
  • Attractive- creative packaging and presentable look
  • Accessible- product distribution is designed to be well dispersed for mass circulation to all nukes and crannies
  • Friendly- every product is self-introductory, holding its own about and how to use (manual)
  • Humanitarian- each product has its social responsibility especially supporting education
  • Dynamic- products keep evolving in look and value
  • Symbol of Unity- products are results of community United purpose so are generally accepted as community product/value for trust