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Most Popular Questions About AFREEI

What is Afreei?

Afreei (Africa Economy Engineering Initiative) is an integrated multi-sectoral economic system for socio-economic growth and development of African communities starting from Nigeria. It is a research-based system, focused on the production of goods and services from abundant-resources per region.

What is Afreei7?

The seven integrated growth and development plans of Africa Economy Engineering Initiative; it is Afreei’s integral frame-work and strategy that cuts across various economic sectors, tailored and committed to the Africa’s economy engineering process per region.

What is Afreei Formula?

Afreei formula is the Afreei total delivery circuit of the economy engineering process that includes Afreei 7 integrated growth and development plans which includes the AfreeiMedia

What is Afreei Network International Limited?

Afreei Network is the parent company of Africa Economy Engineering Initiative.

Why Afreei?

To eliminate abundant-resources waste in Africa by utilizing communities’ abundant human, land and water resources to enhance human capital investment and deployment, education value, manufacturing and infrastructure, food security, domestic and foreign investment, trade, value added agriculture, rural development, empowerment of smallholder farmers, cultural heritage preservation, government policy direction and geography education.

What is Afreei about?

Identifying abundant-resources, build economic value on them, establish their equality and exchange network through Afreei Formula to address holistically the salient challenges of the following economic sectors aimed Education, Innovation, Agriculture, Infrastructure and Manufacturing, Employment, Rural development, Urban-safety, Domestic investment, Trade, culture and Tourism for the wellbeing of Africans and their environment.

Who is Afreei for?

For everyone that believes in a better AFRICA, it beams its light on ages 15 - 67 of all classes of the African community; introducing ‘teenagers’ to the value of African environment and the resources, making them YOUNG AMBASSADORS. Empower and create productive ‘youth’ workforce, create workspaces of quality returns for livelihood. Create ‘veteran’ steward-workforce and investment opportunities for the gainfully employed.

How Afreei operates?

Afreei identify abundant-resources, build abundant-resources’ value, promote abundant-resources and their location, and network location of need with that of abundance to make supplies to demand using the location technology (GIS). Afreei optimises community facilities and government policies for her operation.

Where is Afreei based?

Afreei was initiated in Akure, Ondo state of Nigeria with an operational base in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, spreading to other African communities with any abundant-resource needed for economy engineering.

Does Afreei have Calendar?

Afreei's calendar spreads across the period of resource tagging, resource value building research, production of research result prototype, public enlightenment and industrialisation of result which runs through every calendar year in correlation with our associate tertiary institutions calendar.

What is Afreei Seed?

Afreei Seed is any product of Afreei; system, model, solutions, developed abundant-resource, goods or services designed and structured by Afreei for reproduction and commercialization

What is ARPR?

This means Abundant-resource Producing Region. These are regions Afreei has identified for producing an economic resource in abundance and relationship is ongoing between the region and the Afreei system

What is AR?

This means Abundant-resources. These are resources Afreei has identified for value development, production and reproduction.

What is TIDs?

This means Tertiary Institution Departments. These are tertiary institution departments, mostly science and technology institutions that are in association and understanding with Afreei as resource centres for human capital sourcing and research facility operations.

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