The role of Mass Media in the economy cannot be overemphasized as it is key in the actualization of economic development and growth.

Engineering an economy must involve coordinating and influencing the mind and emotion of the citizens to the new culture and evolution the engineering course will bring about in the economy, and these can only be done good using the Mass media.

In Afreei, Mass media plays a key role in all our plans to engineer and sustain the African economy. We believe every system must be able to communicate with its environment for an interactive and symbiotic relationship to understand the response or reaction of its patronizers to every action it introduces.

Due to the nature of Afreei business and purpose, we have created our screen and voice (AfreeiMedia) to communicate our operations for transparency, advertise our models, and coach conscious and unconscious African minds to adopt our plans in achieving the goal of lofty value and a united Africa.

AfreeiMedia is our portal for Africans to see through our eyes the future we envisage, to prompt co-operation of all Africans to play their roles in our plan.

[ AfreeiMedia ]

AfreeiMedia for the African Communities

Apart from AfreeiMedia being the screen and voice of Afreei Economy Engineering activities to the global village, it acts as a forerunner in introducing Afreei created seeds for commerce, and also broadcast important economy influencing events in Afreei operation region in light of Afreei’s plans.


AfreeiMedia business operation strategy

AfreeiMedia production covers major events from the various sectors mentioned below in line with Afreei objectives in the region, having most coverage focus on the state or regions capitals. In this sense, it becomes a window of the regions’ economic activity watch; this means the view of development and liveability of the geographic location. It also showcases the quality of the hot-prospects’ brands handling the productions and each, introducing themselves to their service demanding masses through their AfreeiMedia operations and interactions.

The main targeted audience is not the dwellers within the state but dwellers outside the state based on the target reach outs of AfreeiMedia broadcasting platform, creating a pull of attraction into the state’s economic activities. These operations put AfreeiMedia at the fore of consultation for explorers that wants to explore or do business in the region.

AfreeiMedia, is initiated from the internet, having the best of touch to give a relaxed and absorbing environment for surfers, becoming a reliable option for advertisement in the region.

AfreeiMedia’s preliminary initiation is basically internet, having the best of touch to give a relaxed and absorbing environment for surfers, becoming a reliable option for advertisement in the region based on the traffic.

AfreeiMedia for African young hot-Prospects in Mass media

AfreeiMedia crew also known as the Vanguard team serves each other as an army on the Afreei platform, one for all and all for one. The team is made up of young hot-prospect African human resources in the mass communication industry, with diverse individual values and brands, collaborated and channelled into the economic development of African regions via mass media.


Operations of AfreeiMedia

AfreeiMedia is initiating as an internet-based with periodic prints to start. Web-site, YouTube channel and all trending social media. The three forms of presentation are in Audio-Visual, blog and Magazine Prints.


AfreeiMedia broadcasting African regional development influential activities.

AfreeiMedia centralizes her focus on the hive of the geographic regions Afreei operates about the geographic location’s surroundings i.e. state capital and its towns, state and its geopolitical region, country and its neighbours.


AfreeiMedia coverage

  • Enlightenment events
  • Governmental events
  • Commercial events
  • Social Events:  Tourism, Sporting activities, Entertainment and Festivals

Objectives of AfreeiMedia Windows

Aiding Afreei growth and development plans
Spurring and Showcasin African economy and community development and the developers
Showcasing development and the developers
Trends ongoing Afreei prospective production researches
Advertising Afreei Seeds/product
Promoting African fashion culture with beauty, brilliance and decency.
Restoring geography education among African children
Showcasing natural resources and phenomenon of geographic locations.
Boosting trade and tourism
Presenting and lauding Afreei activities
Motivating African human resources (Entrepreneurs, idealists and visionaries)
Publicizing Afreei models, hot-prospects brands, products, services and associates
Serve as a platform for rising potentials to achieve ambitious individual goals.
Afreei Media special features: sourcing and trending man-made and natural facts going into extinction in African communities.